For the Artsy



Looking through my twitter feed I happened across an amazing digital artist, David Bridburg (@davidbridburg). I was looking through his website: and he explains that he uses Photoshop to “shape, shade, and configure several images into artwork”. And he does an amazing job! So I got in touch with him and found out about a website that allows artists to sell their artwork and prints, and the site is crazy easy to navigate. Most of the prints I saw featured to purchase were also inexpensive which is a huge plus, most were under $20!
  So of course after I found out about David I had to share, digital artistry is far too under rated, though it is proving itself to be the art of this generation. I really love David’s website, as well as fine art america, both prove to be worth the look around….hint hint readers, get on the web and get browsing because you can find some incredible artwork.




David Bridburg

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