Honey, I’m Home!

Being away from home for long periods of time is hard for a lot of us to deal with, but more and more jobs are requiring us to travel. How do we make the best of our time at home? Well as always we had some ideas so grab the wife, grab the kids, and grab the husbands cuz we’re all having fun while we’re home!

1. Plan an outdoor family fun day-  Find some hiking trails in your area, or ride bikes, hit the lake, go camping….Just be outside together.

2. LARP ( Live Action Role Playing)- Dress in costume and seek adventure as a family, either in the backyard or at a spacious park near you! Tons of fun and laughs and makes for amazingly hilarious family photos.

3. Dinner date- If it just you and the wife, take her out for dinner, then after be crazy and take somewhere new. Star gazing, a picnic, a new club, anything goes… Just make sure it’s something she enjoys!!

4. Couples therapy- Take the time to get out your frustrations, go to laser tag, paintball, bumper cars,and maybe even get in the ring and box a few rounds.

5. Giant water slide- Keep it safe with this one and make sure to wear helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads. After you’re geared up find a huge sheet of linoleum flooring and a jar of veggie oil..You know what to do!

Have fun, be safe, Triumph in your joy!


Smiley Face

Nostalgia can bring a smile to everyone’s face. Remembering a time and place that we love and hold dear can empower us to continue down a certain path or change our direction entirely. So for Generation-X, here are some things that will put your smiley face on!

1. How cool was Will Smith in the 90’s? Way too cool, and so the fresh prince reigns supreme as one of our favorite style and attitude icons.

2. Nickelodeon- most everything and everyone on the entire channel deserve props for bringing us laughs, cries, and thrills, but also for just being All That!

3. X-treme sports – how amazing is it that we lived through that revolution! We wouldn’t have any idea how totally sick it is to watch a grown man face plant off a BMX Bike at 50 MPH. (Wicked!)

4. Jim Carey- Were the 90’s clearly not better for him just having been there? Enough said.

5. Baggy jeans – Loathed by many a parents and swooned over by many more teenaged girls, the baggy look was iconic, comfy, and so obviously a mistake. ( sorry guys)

6. Music – The music scene in the 90’s was arguably the best decade for music since the 60’s. Others may have brought the funk but we definitely had it pretty much everywhere else. From Weird Al and Beck to Nirvana and, well almost every other band back then. Go Us!

7. The Club Scene – Wow did the 90’s party hard and with gusto! People went clubbing in costume, and became infamous. Too much chaos in the end, but defining none the less.

8. Smiley Faces – yep they made the list, along with aliens, and peace signs they were THE symbol of 90’s culture and still represent well.

9. Video Games – Original Sony PlayStation was the system to own and the games were sweet. Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and even Frogger made a comeback, all while making our memories rock!

10. The Dr. Seuss  hat – This hat was at every fair, carnival, school function,and or party back then. I don’t think anyone went anywhere for at least three years without seeing some goof in a huge hat walking around ( ahem, ME).

So there is the list of things that makes us smile about the 90’s. We hope you enjoyed our look back on a wonderful decade!

Cussing up a storm

Like many out there I am a joyful parent, I love my child and do everything to make her happy. Also like many parents I have learned to watch my tongue in front of the little one, which creates built up stress and tension. ( not happiness) So I found the cure! I wait until I am alone running an errand in my car, then I let it all out; I do mean all,I turn the music up and let the cuss words fly. ( I have even been known to flip the bird now and again.) And oh does it let the stress out! I have never felt better and my kid doesn’t have to have a potty mouth. So what’s this bloggers advice? Just say f**k it!



Still bored? Still want some fun and crazy things to do? Here are a few more ideas we love to spread.

1. Body painting, indoor and outdoor activity, just cover yourself in paint and start rolling! Great activity to do with friends.

2. Silly videos- just make the funniest thing you can think of and post it everywhere!

3. Doggie mud wrestling, fun,exciting, messy, and video worthy every time.

4. Make blow guns out of straws and play target practice, load the straws with paint or color and go crazy blowing art onto a canvas or your friends new mustang 😉 we won’t tell.

5. Get junk and make a trash sculpture in the front yard or garden, add color for a pop or keep it neutral for an antique feel.

6. Have a mini parade, dress up in costume with your friends, buy some candy and go nuts down main street in your town!

7. Make some noise! Get a mini band together and play a free show on whatever instruments you have available. Make your own brand of music and let it rip.

8. Decorate your town with pumpkins or other seasonal decorative items. Have a huge party with pals going up and down streets decorating for the less fortunate or for the people who are just plain fun. It makes your home look wonderful while helping others and having a blast.

9. Just dance! Make up a silly dance solo or with buds and rock out your moves anywhere you can. Get a laugh or two, video your dance, just because its fun.

10. Floor plan, paint your floor with chalkboard paint, let dry, then have a blast designing a different floor anytime you want, friends can help, sign, or draw their own designs to help you personalize the floor in your home. Its fun, inexpensive, and creative, not to mention your peeps will love that they can play along.

Fun Fall Activites

Fall is here and kids always love the usual fall activities like jumping through freshly raked leaves; But we want you guys to be creative! So here are some fun things to do during the leaf changing.

1. Use a bubble machine and let your bubble fly with the leaves. ( makes great photos).

2. Buy pumpkins to give as gifts to friends, carve a message or silly face into your pumpkin and inside insert an unlit candle. Good to go!

3. Fall is the perfect time for last bbq’s – so go all out, invited the whole neighborhood to a block party to celebrate  the turning of the seasons.

4. Paint Frisbees with glow in the dark paint and fly disks in the dark, you can do this with way more than Frisbees.

5. Flashlight tag is always a great activity and to add to the fun you can make it more difficult with laser pointers!

6. Build two forts on either side of your home and within sight of each other. Then break out the paintball guns, water balloons, and anything else Nerf made for throwing….The game is on!

7. Press beautiful leaves between heavy books until they are flat and then make collages for a scrapbook.

8. Decorate a tree in your yard with pin cones rolled in peanut butter and birdseed, then watch as hundreds of beauties fly around you.

There are a ton more and I’m sure we will have more soon, let us know what you like to do in Fall.

Over the Road

Sometimes life takes you thousands of miles from home and the only thing you have is music. The open road can be frustrating, so we have come up with a list of songs that should keep you feeling calm and happy over the road.

Radar Love – Golden Earring
Addicted- Simple Plan
Turning Japanese- the Vapors
Calling You Blue October
Paralyzed- Finger Eleven
I’m like a Bird- Nelly Furtado
Smooth-Rob Thomas ft.  Carlos Santana
1985- Bowling for Soup
Holiday-Green Day
Leavin’ Las Vegas- Sheryl Crow
Mr. Jones- Counting Crows
I Wanna Dance with Somebody- Whitney Houston
Save Tonight- Eagle Eye Cherry
The Way -Fastball
Bobby McGee Janis Joplin
Like a Rolling Stone Bob Dylan

We know there are a ton more, what do think are the best driving songs?

Happy Haunting

Halloween is right around the corner, this year The Katstruck company is encouraging parents not only to dress up, but to have a ton of fun doing it. Grab the silly string, some balloons, confetti, and maybe smash a few pumpkins. We know Halloween has a bad rep, but we want it to be a fun filled holiday again, and its starts with parents letting go and having fun with their kids again. Of course you should still check your kids candy, but the memories of a thrilling and fun Halloween will stick in your child’s mind forever. ( Maybe even scare the pants off of a few kids you know). 😉 Be safe out there, but have a blast and go a little crazy. Happy Haunting!

Singing in the Shower

Add to your daily dose of happiness by jumping into a refreshing shower and singing your heart out to any and every song that crosses your mind. Frank Sinatra is the personal favorite of many a shower singer and you can’t be in a bad mood when you’re singing at the top of your lungs about New York. (Just a fact people). Its also a fact that when you sing in the shower it relieves stress. Which is a much needed release when you have a five year old and you’re in the middle of moving states. ( just saying). This blogger personally prefers singing 90’s alternate rock and anything that you can dance like an idiot to. And so the assignment for everyone is to take one long ass shower and wake everyone in the house up while you’re “Walking on Sunshine!”

Happy Tracks

A list of our favorite songs that are the epitome of happiness. All are either fun or upbeat and guaranteed to put the listener is a better frame of mind. We have excluded parodies and comedic tracks. ( sorry to Mr. Yankovic, and Mr. Sandler)

1. Good morning sunshine- Alex Day

2. The Joker- Steve Miller Band

3. Who’s your daddy?- Toby Keith

4.Sweet Home Alabama-  Lynyrd Skynyrd

5. Girl’s Just wanna have Fun- Cyndi Lauper

6. Happy- Pharrell

7. Revolution- The Beatles

8. Put your Records on- Corrine Bailey Are

9. Unwritten-Natasha Bedingfield

10. Hungry like the Wolf- Duran Duran

11. Man, I feel like a woman-Shania twain

12. Jump Around- House of Pain

13. American Girl- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

14. Subterranean Homesick Blues- Bob Dylan

15. So What- Pink

These are just fifteen tracks that we smashed together, but all are great and we wish we could list all our favorites. Let us know what a couple of your favorites are!

Sunday ( Rave day!)

Sunday is Rave Day! All over the word we want people partying it up, breaking out the glow sticks, turning up the bass, and throwing down like its the 90’s and you’re a club kid. Costumes are encouraged because this is the month of all things fantasy and imagined. We are also asking everyone to take advantage of the fact that we live in the times that we do, where raving all night on Sunday is even a possibility, so no excuses its time to dance until the sun goes back down!