Grove ecosystems

  The Grove Ecosystem is an intelligent, indoor garden that makes it possible to grow fresh, flavorful, and nutrient-rich food year round.Grove ecosystems are the entertainment centers of right now, offering a way to sustain your family with just the space of a bookshelf, as well as adding attractive plant life to your home. The efficient systems also offer built in led lighting for year round growing of your favorites! “Grove is leading the movement toward sustainable, diversified agriculture with a range of products and technologies that empower people to grow and source fresh, local food. Designed and built in Massachusetts, Grove’s intelligent, indoor gardening appliances educate and inspire people to think differently about food and sustainable living.” Their Kickstarter has been fully funded and the product is available for purchase at prices from$2,300-$4,500 USD to view a lengthier press report click here: But what about those of us who can’t afford such an expensive option? I know we would still love to be able to grow indoors and sustain our families as well, so I took the time to gather a few links that offer less expensive options, as well as a video on how to better grow an indoor garden. The Grove ecosystem is an amazing product for the price you pay, but for those who there is still hope!                                                                                               


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