Start it up!

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Startup weekend is a phenomenon sweeping the world, Business entrepreneurs get together over an entire weekend to blast their ideas and make something out of them. Not only is it a way to boost your own creativity, it also lends itself to making worldwide connections in an ever expanding technological world. Startup weekends are hosted every where from Ohio to Japan and they always gather a large crowd of like minded people. Entrepreneurs especially can benefit from attending not only because of contacts, but the ideas that can circulate over one of these weekends. It is also an excellent way to get your own ideas off paper and into the world where other people who think just like you can make something of an idea that you may have cast aside. There is of course a website : where you can see when and where these weekends are taking place and register to take part in the event. I encourage anyone with ideas to jump on one of these weekends and make it work for you. Pitch your idea and you could be the next Bill Gates. No ideas? No problem because my next blog post is going to be a compiled list of ideas for the taking. I hope you enjoy and I also hope everyone will learn more about startup weekend. Thank you so much for reading!