Funny Ballet


I must have watched this performance by the Vienna State Opera 10 times in a row! A wonderful distraction and a great laugh. Enjoy!

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Free Friday Flicks!

Sarah Goes to Boston for the Year

During the summer from June- August, on the Charles River Esplanade, free movies were shown every Friday on a big outdoor screen! Key word: free! Being students, we lo-o-oooove free stuff! We went to two of these movies: Monsters University and FROZEN.

A cosy blanket, fried food and a free Friday flick= 5 happy Scottish co-ops! IMG_20140711_224248

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Travel Deals

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Horse joke



A jockey is about to enter an race on a new horse. The horse’s trainer meets him before the race and says, “All you have to remember with this horse is that every time you approach a jump, you have to shout, ‘ALLLLEEE OOOP!’ really loudly in the horse’s ear. Providing you do that, you’ll be fine.”

The jockey thinks the trainer is mad but promises to shout the command. The race begins and they approach the first hurdle. The jockey ignores the trainer’s ridiculous advice and the horse crashes straight through the center of the jump.

They carry on and approach the second hurdle. The jockey, somewhat embarrassed, whispers “Aleeee ooop” in the horse’s ear. The same thing happens – the horse crashes straight through the center of the jump.

At the third hurdle, the jockey thinks, “It’s no good, I’ll have to do it,” and yells, “ALLLEEE OOOP!”…

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