All Aboard!


Twitter is a Social media site with a worldwide span of users and huge celebrity influence. (Basically if younhavent heard of Twitter, you’ve been living in a cave.) Twitter has some great uses thou, especially for businesses and cooperations that want to expand or band and musicians that crave being heard. The problem is getting staerted, or gaining “followers” on Twitter can take quite a while, that where this guy comes in, @RVWKITT (Twitter name/handle), he can help you gain followers with his “follow train” a series of “retweets” that helps people know that you need followers and that you will follow em back. By retweeting one of his messages you can go from 100 followers to 800 easily in a single night, and have access to people from all corners of the globe! Just a great example of people helping people in a way that speaks volumes. Admit turns out this user is also a musician and entrepreneur and you can find him on Facebook as well : where you check out some of the freestyle music he has put on soundcloud. How awesome is it to know that you can go from having zero people know about to hundreds in just minutes? And it’s all thanks to people like him, so thanks @RWVKITT for helping the little people.

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