Like its sister site, Housekeeper.com; Eldercare.com helps you find you to trusted care providers in your area. Using the site you can safely locate and connect with people who are providing care for the elderly in your area. If you’re a care provider looking for work you can post your profile and find jobs close to you! Taking care of the elderly is a passion that only some can undertake and this sites easy format makes it simple for you and your family to find the care provider that’s just right for your individual needs.  
   As you can see the layout of the site is simple and very easy to navigate. Though they are a Canadian-Based site more and more people from the United States are starting to use this and their sister sites as a jumping off point to starting their own business. The fact that it’s so easy to use is the main reason; but telesafe communication, and the fact that people can actual recommend you through the site, are among the many other reasons why it’s becoming Americas #1 choice of websites for providing care. If you have visited the site yet be sure to take a look, it’s just a click away to find someone reliable to help suit your elder care needs. Visit http://www.eldercare.com today! Thanks Readers!! 


Homeless Helpers

  I’ve started a gofundme account for my new project titled Homeless Helpers. It raises money to provide people who have nowhere to live with a home, car, and job for up to one year. The campaign is trying to raise $3000 to purchase a car for the first family in the program. For more information click here: gofundme.com/fzqd4cw4 please readers take the time I to donate even a small amount to this cause. You’ll be helping someone have a warm bed, food, a job, and best of all control over their life again. I feel very strongly about this program and it may be starting out small but I’m hoping that it succeeds and grows into something quite large! Again the link is: gofundme.com/fzqd4cw4 Thank You Readers!


  Need housekeeper? Need some extra cash? Housekeeper.com is a great site that allows you to find housekeeping help on your area or post your profile as a housekeeper yourself to find work! It’s easy to use and you can link it to your Facebook profile to share with friends and get the word out there. It’s a great way to start your own business in the cleaning industry or find trusted individuals to help your family organize and clean your home. There are even recommendations which help you to know that the person your hiring is reliable! If you’re posting a profile to find work, recommendations help you to get jobs faster and let people know they can trust you in thier homes. You can post a profile for free, or upgrade your profile so that users can call you through the sites telesafe call program; which ensures that you won’t be getting scam calls from telemarketers. Housekeeper.com makes it easy and it’s a safe and trusted place to post your information. Set up your profile today to start working or search for help in your area right now. You can also post profiles on thier network of other sites such as Eldercare.com and Housesitter.com! Thanks Readers and happy hunting. 


Just Random

Recently my family and I moved to Kentucky. I am glad to be in a more progressive place than where I was that’s for sure, not to mention finally leaving all of the negative energy behind me. The best things are often hard and it definitely hasn’t been easy here. I think that’s what makes life worth living though. I know that having the amazing husband I have that I can make it through anything; he is a constant reminder to me of what good can come out of life. Since he and I got together I’ve gone from being someone that couldn’t love myself or anyone else to someone who has great faith and can be proud of herself. (Not to mention I stopped smoking the green stuff!) which is an amazing feat for me. When Ryan and I first got together I really thought our relationship would be just like every other one that I’d had, so I treated him like every other man; cheating, lying, and running away when things got tough. It took him having faith, forgiveness, and a strong upper hand for me to truly see that not only was he different, but he also was worth changing for. Not many people out there are worth facing yourself for and when you find one that is you may not see it right away; but if you happen to find that special someone then change for them, do the right thing, and love them with all your heart no matter what anyone else may try to say. Most of all don’t let anyone get in the way of progress. Words can only hurt you if you let them and I stopped letting them. Ryan was worth giving everything and everyone else up for, period. Here’s hoping that our new lives will make us into an even stronger couple and here’s to having the faith to withstand the worst! Thank You Readers and may Jehovah bless your lives as richly. 💜