Make $20 Semi-instantly! (Brinks Post)

Okay so Who doesn’t need $20? It can be so useful when your kids need medicine on the spot or you absolutely have to have fix a flat out on the road. So why not get it for free? By going to you can have your own Brinks card sent to you in about 3-5 weeks. Once you get the card you do have to load it with at least $40 to activate it, but if you use my referral code :1564238928 you get another $20 instantly added, bringing your total to $60. Easy, safe, and it works, I myself have tried it and got my $20 as soon as I activated my card by phone. There are places you can go to load your card if you don’t want to use a credit card over the phone, such as: Walmart, Family dollar, and some Gas stations and convenient stores. The best part is they give you a number to text your zip code to, so you can find the spot closest to you! So go head and get it ordered before Christmas and make yourself an extra $20 for the holidays!


Did I mention you can use your card online and transfer money to your bank account? And anybody who uses your referral code gets $20 and so do you! It works every time not just once, so you can make a lot of money if you have a lot of friends! Try it an see its super easy and worth it!


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