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Ryan Lee is a native of the small town of Cherokee Village , Ar. He has spent most of his life on country back roads and in creeks up to his knees, so when he said his dream was to sing country music, there wasn’t much surprise from the people around home. The question seemed to be whether or not he would succeed as a country music artist. “A lot of people have told me it’s never gonna happen” he says, but in the past couple years he is slowly but surely proving them wrong. He has a new hit single that he has debuted on not just one but two radio stations. The single is called “Don’t let this moment pass”, its a duet sang by Ryan Lee and Alison Heath, a Missouri native who lent her inspiring vocals to the track and made it into the well rounded song that its become. Ryan says “Alison has a great voice, we were both so excited to sing this song together, and she just takes it to a whole new level and really makes it great”. Ryan also has a solo single called “Chains” which he says is one of the songs closest to his heart. He can’t say everything that he has going on, but he is a liberty to say that he is only going up from here. You can stop by Ryan’s Facebook page and give him a like by going to : . (Lee is his middle name) I am really looking forward to more music from him in the future, make sure we show him some support guys! Good luck Ryan.

Here is the link to Ryan Lee’s sound cloud page, where you can hear both of the singles I’ve mentioned. :


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