Behind the Beard


This is Nate Tenney from San Antonio ,Tx and he has been growing his beard for the last three years. Recently he started learning that proper beard maintenance and cleanliness is of the utmost importance when managing a beard for long periods of time.
So he started thinking of ways to keep his beard “healthy and happy”. He started Grand Lodge a beard care company specializing in beard oils and stache waxes that help you maintain a certain look and allow you be freely style your beard or mustache to fit your personal tastes. “Having a beard is sign of manhood” says Nate, and with his beard balms and oils you can  easily start your beard and keep it soft and luxurious throughout growth. The beard oils are essential oils that also come with carrier oils with different scents to keep the ladies interested in what you guys have going on. Nate is really excited about his new company and I am excites that men have a product like this to look forward to! Check out Nates up and coming company here : I am looking for him to succeed for sure in this endeavor, especially down here in the south where men are serious about their beards y’all! ( not kidding ). So Good luck to Nate and The Grand Lodge Beard Co. I hope you make your goal!




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