Still bored? Still want some fun and crazy things to do? Here are a few more ideas we love to spread.

1. Body painting, indoor and outdoor activity, just cover yourself in paint and start rolling! Great activity to do with friends.

2. Silly videos- just make the funniest thing you can think of and post it everywhere!

3. Doggie mud wrestling, fun,exciting, messy, and video worthy every time.

4. Make blow guns out of straws and play target practice, load the straws with paint or color and go crazy blowing art onto a canvas or your friends new mustang 😉 we won’t tell.

5. Get junk and make a trash sculpture in the front yard or garden, add color for a pop or keep it neutral for an antique feel.

6. Have a mini parade, dress up in costume with your friends, buy some candy and go nuts down main street in your town!

7. Make some noise! Get a mini band together and play a free show on whatever instruments you have available. Make your own brand of music and let it rip.

8. Decorate your town with pumpkins or other seasonal decorative items. Have a huge party with pals going up and down streets decorating for the less fortunate or for the people who are just plain fun. It makes your home look wonderful while helping others and having a blast.

9. Just dance! Make up a silly dance solo or with buds and rock out your moves anywhere you can. Get a laugh or two, video your dance, just because its fun.

10. Floor plan, paint your floor with chalkboard paint, let dry, then have a blast designing a different floor anytime you want, friends can help, sign, or draw their own designs to help you personalize the floor in your home. Its fun, inexpensive, and creative, not to mention your peeps will love that they can play along.