Snow White…The Mirrors Revenge


                           Jay Hartlove- Writer

So what’s the rest of Snow Whites story? We have all been dying to know, and Jay Hartlove has given us his answer in his screenplay continuing the classic Grimms fairy tale with his own brand of twists and turns. He has brought to life a musical in which the real villain in Snow Whites world is a revenge seeking mirror previously thought to have been on Snow Whites side. In the mirror is the trapped soul of a sorcerer bent on revenge against Snow White for the sins of her father.
Along with a great plotline this play will also be graced with the musical stylings of Kristoph Klover and Margaret Davis of the Celtic fusion band, Avalon Rising, as well as an original track done by Roman opera star Alexandra Montani. To learn more about Avalon Rising click here:

With a wide variety of cast and crew members it’s sure to make a colorful play, as well as likable if only because it plays on our sentiment for the original story of Snow White. I am sure that they won’t have any trouble filling seats once it starts playing in the theater. It’s uniqueness and originality are sure to set it apart from whatever the mainstream is up to these days. I say bravo to you all, break a leg! I am sure we will be hearing from you in the near future and I can’t wait to see how You’ll be doing.


Kristoph and Margaret