Stuck on You

What’s better than putting your personal stamp on the world around you? Doing it with free stickers that’s what! Stickers express who we are and what we stand for without saying a word. And since our mission is to spread joy we have been scouring the internet for links to sites that can provide free stickers by mail. Thus bringing joy and smiles all around! Make sure you snag them up while they are available, some links may expire. We will update this post from time to time and try to keep our links as fresh as possible. Thanks for looking!

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Smiley Face

Nostalgia can bring a smile to everyone’s face. Remembering a time and place that we love and hold dear can empower us to continue down a certain path or change our direction entirely. So for Generation-X, here are some things that will put your smiley face on!

1. How cool was Will Smith in the 90’s? Way too cool, and so the fresh prince reigns supreme as one of our favorite style and attitude icons.

2. Nickelodeon- most everything and everyone on the entire channel deserve props for bringing us laughs, cries, and thrills, but also for just being All That!

3. X-treme sports – how amazing is it that we lived through that revolution! We wouldn’t have any idea how totally sick it is to watch a grown man face plant off a BMX Bike at 50 MPH. (Wicked!)

4. Jim Carey- Were the 90’s clearly not better for him just having been there? Enough said.

5. Baggy jeans – Loathed by many a parents and swooned over by many more teenaged girls, the baggy look was iconic, comfy, and so obviously a mistake. ( sorry guys)

6. Music – The music scene in the 90’s was arguably the best decade for music since the 60’s. Others may have brought the funk but we definitely had it pretty much everywhere else. From Weird Al and Beck to Nirvana and, well almost every other band back then. Go Us!

7. The Club Scene – Wow did the 90’s party hard and with gusto! People went clubbing in costume, and became infamous. Too much chaos in the end, but defining none the less.

8. Smiley Faces – yep they made the list, along with aliens, and peace signs they were THE symbol of 90’s culture and still represent well.

9. Video Games – Original Sony PlayStation was the system to own and the games were sweet. Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, and even Frogger made a comeback, all while making our memories rock!

10. The Dr. Seuss  hat – This hat was at every fair, carnival, school function,and or party back then. I don’t think anyone went anywhere for at least three years without seeing some goof in a huge hat walking around ( ahem, ME).

So there is the list of things that makes us smile about the 90’s. We hope you enjoyed our look back on a wonderful decade!