Advice for the taking…

Need advice about something in your life? Send $1 via PayPal to along with your question and within 24 hours you’ll have the best advice money can buy! No nonsense just straight forward advice about ANY subject. Send $5 and I will send a link telling you how you can make $20 every day! Thanks For Reading! 



Easy $20 bucks


Anybody can use an extra $20 right? Well all you have to do is follow the link, order a brinks prepaid MasterCard and load it with $40, use my referral code and get $20 dollars instantly when you activate online or by phone! Its that easy, and its not a scam, I tried it with a friends code and got my money, now tell me wouldn’t make your day a little brighter?! So follow this link or copy it into your browser… and use this code when you activate the card- 1564238928. Simple, you get $20 and the blog gets $20 Everyone winning and smiling, so the way it should be!


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Make $20 Semi-instantly! (Brinks Post)


Okay so Who doesn’t need $20? It can be so useful when your kids need medicine on the spot or you absolutely have to have fix a flat out on the road. So why not get it for free? By going to you can have your own Brinks card sent to you in about 3-5 weeks. Once you get the card you do have to load it with at least $40 to activate it, but if you use my referral code :1564238928 you get another $20 instantly added, bringing your total to $60. Easy, safe, and it works, I myself have tried it and got my $20 as soon as I activated my card by phone. There are places you can go to load your card if you don’t want to use a credit card over the phone, such as: Walmart, Family dollar, and some Gas stations and…

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Brinks update


I finally ended up getting a lot of my referral bonuses for Brinks pre paid master card! I am very excited that its finally started to work properly! remember you can make $20 every time someone uses your referral code to sign up. Just go to to order your card, load it with $40 using the referral code:1564238928. You will get and extra $20 immediately and anyone who uses your code after that gets $20 and so do you! Sign as many people up as you want, you still get $20 every time! I have made$120 so far and you could too!

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When I’m With You


 Ryan Lee’s new single “When I’m With You” is available to listen to anytime on Soundcloud or visit Right now get a demo CD sent to you by mail, just pay shipping costs! Payments can be made by PayPal, just visit Ryans Facebook page (Ryan Lee Country Artist) and message him with the details of your order. The CD includes all 8 original tracks that he has cut so far including “Don’t let this Moment Pass” which was recorded with Allison Heath earlier this year. Thanks so much for all the support readers!

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