Start it up!

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Startup weekend is a phenomenon sweeping the world, Business entrepreneurs get together over an entire weekend to blast their ideas and make something out of them. Not only is it a way to boost your own creativity, it also lends itself to making worldwide connections in an ever expanding technological world. Startup weekends are hosted every where from Ohio to Japan and they always gather a large crowd of like minded people. Entrepreneurs especially can benefit from attending not only because of contacts, but the ideas that can circulate over one of these weekends. It is also an excellent way to get your own ideas off paper and into the world where other people who think just like you can make something of an idea that you may have cast aside. There is of course a website : where you can see when and where these weekends are taking place and register to take part in the event. I encourage anyone with ideas to jump on one of these weekends and make it work for you. Pitch your idea and you could be the next Bill Gates. No ideas? No problem because my next blog post is going to be a compiled list of ideas for the taking. I hope you enjoy and I also hope everyone will learn more about startup weekend. Thank you so much for reading!

Choose to spread JOY


How about taking what you about kindness and applying it to your everyday life? Not for any gain other than knowing that you made someone else happy. Being selfless is something human beings have a hard time with, so I am challenging us all to pick one moment a day to devote a selfless act to someone else. It could be paying for someone else’s groceries in line at the store, or telling a funny joke to someone sad, hug a random person on the street, but once a day do something selfless. It will inspire others to do the same and what goes around come back around, we just need to make the joy cycle a never – ending one. There are so many ways to spread happiness on this Earth: create an inspiring flyer, make stickers to spread your message, write a blog about something inspiring, but do something to put positive energy back into this world.
As humans we have only each other communicate happiness in this way. Don’t forget that everyone else around you is just as human, with the same thoughts and emotions. Often when someone appears angry it is because they are in turmoil or have trouble in their lives. Take the time to break down human barriers that we put between ourselves, go right up to that stranger and tell them that whatever they are going through it will pass. Make someone smile every day that you are given on this Earth and remember that it is memories of ourselves that we leave behind, make them happy ones, spread joy any way every day!


Useless machine in a can ( Fun Kit for Everyone )


The purpose of this blog is to share things with the work that make people happy. I often try to find creations that people can purchase for themselves, or list activities that I think would be entertaining. So when I can across this gem I had to write about it. It’s the Useless Machine in a Can, a Kickstarter project started by Inno Technix and one that has been a huge success. You assemble the product yourself and as they explain , can find many to be useless with your new machine. It’s fun, it’s hilarious, and who wouldn’t love to own this or give one as a gag gift a friend?


As the world around us grows more technologically advanced the need for useless and random things becomes all the more abundant and pleasing. The pure randomness of thins like useless cans garners laughter between friends, and helps us to maintain sanity because of how insane it is! Its such a fun product and I will be ordering my own kit for sure! Find out more at And for more about the product and the minds behind you can click here :
Or you can click here for their bio :

Current Country update!!!


Country star Ryan Lee has just released a lyrics video on YouTube for his hit single “Chains” . This is one of many ongoing developments in the singers career, which since his last interview has had his hit song “Don’t let this Moment Pass” .( which he recorded along with Alison Heath back in late December) played on radio stations all over the southern states. Which has done a lot to boost morale for the video that is due spring of this year. The singer says that “most of his videos are going to be more traditionally done, but that he also plans to post more lyric videos as well in between shooting for them”.

When I asked him if there were any new songs in the works he said ” oh yeah, I am always writing something and when I get time I start stringing things together; eventually it works itself out”. No matter what this singer has his hands into it seems to turn into a success. We are hoping to keep hearing good things from Ryan Lee! To watch his new lyric video click here:

Don’t forget that you can add Ryan at on twitter @ryanlhamm and follow him on Facebook at</st

Opening Up


For those of you who have trouble letting others in, here is some advice, do it anyway. You may not be a great judge of character and people may have hurt you before, but there is so much good left in the world that not trying is just not going to work. Most of us have trouble because of the wrong others have done against us and it’s excusable to a point, but there is a time when you must throw caution to the wind and just put your heart on the line.

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I have a five year old daughter and for me it gets tough because I never want her to get hurt by someone that I have invited into our lives. It has happened before so I err on the side of caution when it comes to brnging new people into our lives. Recently though I met someone that dramatically changed the way I see things. I used to think that all the hurt was to show me that being alone wasn’t so bad, now I know it was to show me that truly being accepted and loved is a gift. Had all the previous men in my life treated me so well then I may not appreciate how well I am being treated now.


As for my daughter, he treats her like gold, and she loves him. That lets me know that not only is he amazing, but that we are going to be extremely happy. So I am passing this along to those who are remaining closed…don’t. Open up and let someone love you because when you do life gets easier, it gets fun, and it gets worth living. Get out there and chat up that cute guy you know or tell that pretty girl how she makes you feel, because they might feel the same way!!!!

My Domain


Since the internet became popular we have seen the birth of many websites flash across our screens and make their way into our literature. It seems like there are so many that their couldn’t possibly be any more right? So WRONG. There are a ton of really great website names that you could buy right now! Not just to own, but to develops and sell. is for sale for under $2000 and would fit a number of businesses that already exist. is for sale for $1! And its such a common name that its even more surprising. So I wanted to find you guys some sites to buy up and make your own while you can! Remember that you can buy them and pay someone to build it and then flip your web address for a profit! Who wouldn’t want invest in something that could make them anywhere from $5 to $5000 dollars (or more )? Its a no brainer! So here is a list of all the web domains available that I could dig up in 30 minutes. That just tells you how many there are! Thanks readers, I hope you enjoy these.
And finally….

Brinks referral (we want our $20!)

There have been many readers who have ordered the brinks card in order to receive the referral bonus, now I must remind them to load the card with $40 which you can do by finding a net spend reload card at dollar general or Walmart and then load the money at the register, once you have loaded the card you WILL finally receive your bonus.
Thank you,
Katherine Crider –

XG Virtual Reality Headset


This is a project that is still in development from XG VR (I am cardboard) with this headset users can explore the virtual words by syncing their smart phones to this one of a kind headset. XG points out that virtual reality isn’t just for gaming it can be used for media, social interaction, and educational purposes. Right now they are trying to collect funding to make this project an actual reality, you can see more information here :; you can also visit to see more about the company and other products that they offer. I truly this idea is worthy of coming into existence so share as much as possible to help spread the word!


$1 one drawing


Todd Weinkam from Cinncinati, Ohio has made it his mission to spread a little joy. If you send him a dollar he send you a drawing : and its been crazy the amount of attention he has gotten!  All of his drawings are original and drawn just for the person who ordered it. He accepts requests but say that carte Blanche is even better. You can see more of Todd’s work here: and I know you guys will want to because what he can do with colored pencils is out of this world! Just another person who deserves a big shout out for doing something awesome! Go Todd!

Electric Bike for under $400


Meet the Australian made electric bike that anybody can afford to own! Isn’t it beautiful? As soon as I can own one of these it will be mine! It has a speed of 20mph and looks stylish anywhere. The best part is its from an already amazing company: Dillenger Electric Bikes of Australia. Which means that in the U.S. the cost of owning this bike is only $310!!! That’s an incredible price for this beauty. You can go to : to see all the great products that these guys are offering, and you can see ore about this particular bike model at : I know that anyone who sees one is going to at least love the design. Its so classic and yet original to itself. Way to go to all the guys at Dillenger!