Just Random

Recently my family and I moved to Kentucky. I am glad to be in a more progressive place than where I was that’s for sure, not to mention finally leaving all of the negative energy behind me. The best things are often hard and it definitely hasn’t been easy here. I think that’s what makes life worth living though. I know that having the amazing husband I have that I can make it through anything; he is a constant reminder to me of what good can come out of life. Since he and I got together I’ve gone from being someone that couldn’t love myself or anyone else to someone who has great faith and can be proud of herself. (Not to mention I stopped smoking the green stuff!) which is an amazing feat for me. When Ryan and I first got together I really thought our relationship would be just like every other one that I’d had, so I treated him like every other man; cheating, lying, and running away when things got tough. It took him having faith, forgiveness, and a strong upper hand for me to truly see that not only was he different, but he also was worth changing for. Not many people out there are worth facing yourself for and when you find one that is you may not see it right away; but if you happen to find that special someone then change for them, do the right thing, and love them with all your heart no matter what anyone else may try to say. Most of all don’t let anyone get in the way of progress. Words can only hurt you if you let them and I stopped letting them. Ryan was worth giving everything and everyone else up for, period. Here’s hoping that our new lives will make us into an even stronger couple and here’s to having the faith to withstand the worst! Thank You Readers and may Jehovah bless your lives as richly. 💜

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