Uware: Clothing Sustainability

 “Over 99% of the clothing thrown away in the US can be recycled or reused, but more than 85% ends up in landfills taking decades to hundreds of years to biodegrade.” The truth stares us in the face all the time, we are over polluting our planet largely due to animal agriculture and the automobile industry, but did you know:”one T-Shirt takes between 700-2000 gallons of water to produce and that the clothing industry is the 2nd largest consumer and polluter of water in the world?” When we are constantly being stared down by the obvious how is it so hard to try to creat change? We all know it needs to happen and people like Jonah Blechman make it happen everyday with great products like Uware! Uware is your favorite clothing items upcycled into loungewear so that you can help to lower the waste of the clothing industry as a whole, all while looking super cute in your converted Ed Sheeran tee. Not only is it practical for recycling, it’s unique and eclectic and truly lends to your sense of self. It just goes to show you that as human beings we can take sustainability into the future, and help now to creat a better world for ourselves! So while you’re cutting back on fast foods and drinking more water, save a little too and look fabulous doing it! 
   Jonah Blechman     For more on Uware visit their Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2142738121/uware-one-of-a-kind-sustainable-wear-for-women-men     And any press inquiries can be directed here:INFO@uwareit.com


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