Protect your action figures fan boys because is hotter than princess Leia in her bikini any day! Not only do they have enough toys to make any nerds mouth water, by they have clothing and accessories fit for a geek king. Star Wars, Star Trek, and Socially awkward its all on the site and available to order.

Once you sign up you start earning geek points which can build up fast and lead to awesome rewards shopping. The site will tell you at checkout which rewards you are eligible to receive using your points. So not only can you get something great for yourself, but you can also order your bestie his or her own geeky gift.




Pretty much they have everything you could possibly ever dream up and deliver it to you as quickly as possible. I personally have ordered many things from the site, my favorite being my Tardis Teapot (I am a huge Whovian) which I do actually use and looks fantastic on my dining room table.


Well nothing else to say except that you are absolutely crazy if you don’t visit the site at least one time. It will be your new love interest I promise!



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