Brinks Pre-paid update


  As my readers know I have been using my Brinks Pre-paid MasterCard for a while now, since posting my flashpay referral number on the blog and sharing my posts I have made $320! It was a very simple process, just order your card at then after your card arrives in the mail activate it using the referral code : 1564238928 ,next load your Brinks card with $40 and instantly you will receive an extra $20 bringing your total to $60! The best part is that after that anyone you know can use your flashpay referral number and make $20 for you and them when they activate their card!
  So far with my referral rewards I have sampled my dream candy, and invested $20 at a time on my own business by purchasing business cards online as well as car magnets to advertise my growing blog biz. It doesn’t take long before you are making real money with the card and even if its only gas money at least it’s twenty dollars worth of gas at a time right?
  My future plans with the card are just to continue to grow my business a little at a time, while I am running my errands and being erratic the card is making me money. I love logging in to my Brinks account and seeing that someone else used my number and got their $20 too! So if you haven’t yet, log on to and order your card today!


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