(pt.2) FREE IDEAS!

So although I have been on hiatus I am finally back, and last time I promised ideas that were free for anyone to use, and I wanted to make sure that there were some good ideas in here that could really make money so I took my time. I am going to list all kinds of ideas here from apps to actual volunteer programs that can make money toward a cause. I want everyone out there to do more idea sharing, get your ideas out there and someone might just make them reality. So here are just a few of the ideas I have had in my brain that I am now spilling out to all my readers in the hopes that at least one of them comes to fruition.

1. Tourism Blog- Every small town needs a place where the best things about the town can be highlighted and tourists can get deals that they feel are more personal and exclusive than regular travel booking sites.

2. An app. for franchises like fast food chains to order uniforms, store application, organize orientations, and other things related to hiring new employees in a market with such high turnover.

3. An app. that consolidates all the major charities to make it easy to donate using paypal, scan codes, and even have purchases with the app. to help raise money for different charities.

3. An app. that is also an online community, allowing you to create your own app. with or without the help of a template and then sell your app. on the same app. (LOL)

4.Taxi Service- Get your friends that own their own vehicles with full coverage, if they have nothing better to do and need the cash, I bet they would love to drive people around for some. Schedule their rides for them and make %10 of what they earn, everybody wins!

5. And finally, Operation Feed: A service that literally makes it a goal to end world hunger by flying anywhere and everywhere humanly possible with donated food, setting up wells, making sure immunizations get other places besides just here. I hope that one day some of my ideas can start coming into practice. Right now the possibilities are endless and we still have time to turn this whole thing around and make the world a better place to live in, lets start today by getting our ideas out there!download (1)

thanks for reading…it’s good to be back!


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