Choose to spread JOY


How about taking what you about kindness and applying it to your everyday life? Not for any gain other than knowing that you made someone else happy. Being selfless is something human beings have a hard time with, so I am challenging us all to pick one moment a day to devote a selfless act to someone else. It could be paying for someone else’s groceries in line at the store, or telling a funny joke to someone sad, hug a random person on the street, but once a day do something selfless. It will inspire others to do the same and what goes around come back around, we just need to make the joy cycle a never – ending one. There are so many ways to spread happiness on this Earth: create an inspiring flyer, make stickers to spread your message, write a blog about something inspiring, but do something to put positive energy back into this world.
As humans we have only each other communicate happiness in this way. Don’t forget that everyone else around you is just as human, with the same thoughts and emotions. Often when someone appears angry it is because they are in turmoil or have trouble in their lives. Take the time to break down human barriers that we put between ourselves, go right up to that stranger and tell them that whatever they are going through it will pass. Make someone smile every day that you are given on this Earth and remember that it is memories of ourselves that we leave behind, make them happy ones, spread joy any way every day!



One thought on “Choose to spread JOY

  1. so… this is the post that got me thinking about what I wanted my own blog to be about… ‘optiskeptic’ was one I’d started before, but this post really crystallized the ideas I really want to express.

    The way I see it, the Happiness Revolution is the goal, and the means to that is to help create a Shift in Thinking… and so I have (finally!) started the MindShiftWorks blog – at I will definitely be re-visiting this site, and see what ideas we can keep exchanging!

    So, thank you, and Viva La Revolucion!

    Let the MindShift begin…


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