Useless machine in a can ( Fun Kit for Everyone )


The purpose of this blog is to share things with the work that make people happy. I often try to find creations that people can purchase for themselves, or list activities that I think would be entertaining. So when I can across this gem I had to write about it. It’s the Useless Machine in a Can, a Kickstarter project started by Inno Technix and one that has been a huge success. You assemble the product yourself and as they explain , can find many to be useless with your new machine. It’s fun, it’s hilarious, and who wouldn’t love to own this or give one as a gag gift a friend?


As the world around us grows more technologically advanced the need for useless and random things becomes all the more abundant and pleasing. The pure randomness of thins like useless cans garners laughter between friends, and helps us to maintain sanity because of how insane it is! Its such a fun product and I will be ordering my own kit for sure! Find out more at And for more about the product and the minds behind you can click here :
Or you can click here for their bio :


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