Opening Up


For those of you who have trouble letting others in, here is some advice, do it anyway. You may not be a great judge of character and people may have hurt you before, but there is so much good left in the world that not trying is just not going to work. Most of us have trouble because of the wrong others have done against us and it’s excusable to a point, but there is a time when you must throw caution to the wind and just put your heart on the line.

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I have a five year old daughter and for me it gets tough because I never want her to get hurt by someone that I have invited into our lives. It has happened before so I err on the side of caution when it comes to brnging new people into our lives. Recently though I met someone that dramatically changed the way I see things. I used to think that all the hurt was to show me that being alone wasn’t so bad, now I know it was to show me that truly being accepted and loved is a gift. Had all the previous men in my life treated me so well then I may not appreciate how well I am being treated now.


As for my daughter, he treats her like gold, and she loves him. That lets me know that not only is he amazing, but that we are going to be extremely happy. So I am passing this along to those who are remaining closed…don’t. Open up and let someone love you because when you do life gets easier, it gets fun, and it gets worth living. Get out there and chat up that cute guy you know or tell that pretty girl how she makes you feel, because they might feel the same way!!!!


One thought on “Opening Up

  1. You’re right, I should have been faithful, maybe then we would have actually gotten married like I wanted, hindsight is 20/20; I guess it was just something I had to learn so I wouldn’t do it again.


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