Current Country update!!!


Country star Ryan Lee has just released a lyrics video on YouTube for his hit single “Chains” . This is one of many ongoing developments in the singers career, which since his last interview has had his hit song “Don’t let this Moment Pass” .( which he recorded along with Alison Heath back in late December) played on radio stations all over the southern states. Which has done a lot to boost morale for the video that is due spring of this year. The singer says that “most of his videos are going to be more traditionally done, but that he also plans to post more lyric videos as well in between shooting for them”.

When I asked him if there were any new songs in the works he said ” oh yeah, I am always writing something and when I get time I start stringing things together; eventually it works itself out”. No matter what this singer has his hands into it seems to turn into a success. We are hoping to keep hearing good things from Ryan Lee! To watch his new lyric video click here:

Don’t forget that you can add Ryan at on twitter @ryanlhamm and follow him on Facebook at</st


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