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Since the internet became popular we have seen the birth of many websites flash across our screens and make their way into our literature. It seems like there are so many that their couldn’t possibly be any more right? So WRONG. There are a ton of really great website names that you could buy right now! Not just to own, but to develops and sell. is for sale for under $2000 and would fit a number of businesses that already exist. is for sale for $1! And its such a common name that its even more surprising. So I wanted to find you guys some sites to buy up and make your own while you can! Remember that you can buy them and pay someone to build it and then flip your web address for a profit! Who wouldn’t want invest in something that could make them anywhere from $5 to $5000 dollars (or more )? Its a no brainer! So here is a list of all the web domains available that I could dig up in 30 minutes. That just tells you how many there are! Thanks readers, I hope you enjoy these.
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