Electric Bike for under $400


Meet the Australian made electric bike that anybody can afford to own! Isn’t it beautiful? As soon as I can own one of these it will be mine! It has a speed of 20mph and looks stylish anywhere. The best part is its from an already amazing company: Dillenger Electric Bikes of Australia. Which means that in the U.S. the cost of owning this bike is only $310!!! That’s an incredible price for this beauty. You can go to : dillenger.com/au to see all the great products that these guys are offering, and you can see ore about this particular bike model at : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1182676007/a-quality-dillenger-folding-electric-bike-for-unde I know that anyone who sees one is going to at least love the design. Its so classic and yet original to itself. Way to go to all the guys at Dillenger!



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