Tappin’ it..


The Simpsons tapped out is a freemium game. Free to download and play, but with purchases that you can make in the game to enhance your gameplay. The donuts in the game are what costs money, and without them you do miss out on some cool stuff, but what you get free is still totally worth playing for. I myself am a player at level 43. I have been playing for a little over a year and so far have gained about forty characters and tons of free items just for playing. They give friend points in the game for clicking on houses in your friends town each day, so far I’ve won five friend point prizes just for clicking! The Simpsons is so popular because of the references to the show in the game. You get the actual buildings, characters, and even pets from the series in your own town. The characters can make you money when you send them on “quests” and you buy land expansions, houses, and other things that the game explains along the way. By far the best character has been the shows creator Matt Groening. He comes into the game late but the interaction between homer and himself is priceless.


When you start, you have literally nothing but trash from a nuclear waste fallout, Homer cleans up the waste and you get to building Springfield back into existence. You find characters along the way as you’re building your town and they help you out, while complaining a bit. Soon your town starts to look like it could actually be a place to go. A sense of accomplishment washes over you, comfort knowing that you’re an amazing game player. Miraculously you did it all without having to spend any of your hard earned cash unless you just wanna. I hope more people start playing it really is an awesome game. Just look at what your town can be!


So go now to your local app store/center and download The Simpsons Tapped Out, start tapping, and feel the smile that’s on your face…..you’re welcome 🙂


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