Dead Medium


       Peter John is an up and coming author from Kent, Uk . Though he has enjoyed writing since boyhood he has only just started to devote more time to this craft. His new book, Dead Medium, is certainly a wonderful testament to the time he has spent. It’s a character driven , sometimes comical, and endlessly witty novel about a medium who dies and discovers that the dead want to talk to the living just as badly as we do them. May Elizabeth Trump must become a medium for the other side and deal with her own death as well, which makes for a page turner that keeps you wanting more with its originality and inspired plotline.
     Peter took the time to let me know exactly how he got started writing, it turns out it was a punishment at first, but one that opened his eyes to the love of writing down your own ideas. As it turns out he gathered his inspiration for this story when he took a family member to see a medium, while there he sat pondering about what may be going on inside the room they were in, and one thing led to another until May Elizabeth Trump was born! Apparently although she can speak to the dead she is still cynical about things unproven. May insists on fact over ideals and her cynical nature is part of her charm.
       Dead Medium is a book that you for sure don’t want to skip up. Right now its on sale for kindle at the awesome price of $2.99! So for under 5 bucks you could be finding out exactly how it is that a dead medium does get in touch with the living? What barriers does that break down? How much faith does it bring to those living to know of life after death? Guess you’ll have read and ring out…

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