The Atlas 3D Scanner ( blog correction )


Who says you can’t have a 3D scanner in your own home? Though seemingly impossible Uriah Ligget (pictured above) has made it so; by creating a 3D scanner that you can literally build yourself! It scans images and allows you to connect them with your comuter so that you use a 3D printer. He is one of many successfully funded Kickstarter stories, so you can be looking for the Atlas sooner than you think. Uriah has 11 years of experience in software development as well as a bachelor’s in Computer Science which made bringing dreams into reality that much easier. The Atlas scanner he has created is truly going to bring 3D printing to the masses! Let him know when you want yours! You can contact him on his Kickstarter page which is here : or here:

Here are some pictures of the Atlas 3D Scanner



Here is a picture of a small printed piece next to its original:


Don’t forget to check out his page to find out more about how it works!


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