Launch forward in fashion


New York has always been one of the biggest fashion hubs in America. They host fashion week every year, and there are always the trendiest people walking the buzzing city streets. Its easy for desires to gain inspiration just by looking out the windows of their studio apartments. So who is the next big designer? Who is setting trends and taking names? The answer is Susan Young… the creator of Launch, ready to wear fashions that she makes using her own textiles and designs. Her overall sale is iconic, relating to the 60′ and 70’s era in a way that also speaks to right now. Her creations are beautiful and she puts a lot of love into her work, stating that her fashion are a “mixture of art and fuction”. I fell in love with her collection for 2015 and found out that she is funding it through Kickstarter, hoping to succeed in time for this years fall season. If you would like to learn a little more about this seasons collection, visit her Kickstarter page : To get in contact with the designer herself (who by the way is very nice) you can go to her website at : check out some of these designs and make sure to click over to her site and give her plenty of positive feedback and support!





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