Deadly Serious


Want to get a peak at the hitter new girl in the comic world? Then head on over to : where you can find Crimson, a deadly ex lab worker turned super being, and she is kicking some major comic villain butt. Her main antagonist is the big boss of the the lab who’s experimentation turned her into a superhuman. Crimson is a wife, mother, and vigilante who must face evil to save her family. Deadly Crimsons dead pan comedy teams well with its ability to make fun of the campiness that come with the comic book world.

The creators are Travis Cheney and Melissa LeEllen, he is a well known screen play writer, and she is a producer,entrepreneur, and has even acted along side Sandra Bullock. Combine them with G.David Cooper,a very talented illustrator, and you can’t lose! They are still trying to get the comic funded fully, but with or without funding I have no doubt that Deadly Crimson is going to do well for itself and stand up against other comics of its genre. It is drawn much like the Grand Theft Auto Games and it is automatically relatable and has a familiar feel looking through its pages. I have included more fabulous photos for you to view and if you want to help them get funded you can do so here : and don’t forget to check out Crimsons website!





One thought on “Deadly Serious

  1. Thank you so much for the great review! That means a lot from myself and the team! I’m very excited to share with the world a project that we are so passionate about. And who does not love a Superhero who has an adrenaline curse! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Get ready for all the action when it comes on the big screen too!
    Melissa LeEllen


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