Cool Hands Cafe


    What’s new in Marrietta GA? A coffee shop that roasts in house and makes everything by hand. The owners are Luke and Ashley Hudek; Ashley took time out of her busy schedule to tell me a little about their new cafe. She says “We’re a geek cafe, we have events like Cosplay days, Newbie D&D, and Anime nights, among other things”. As busy as she has been she still has time to be an aspiring seamstress and semi active cosplayer herself. ( Luke even makes Cosplay props for the shops events ) It won’t be long until they own the hottest coffee shop in Georgia, with a fresh take on what a cafe should be and even fresher coffee I won’t be surprised if they stay for a while.

   The shop has its own website here:, and you can follow the coffee shop @coolhandscafe You’ll be happy to know they are geek and gamer friendly and even have there cool hands in music (Ashley plays drums and Luke plays the bass). Which means that they have more to offer such as custom orders for guitar pick-ups. How cool is that Jazz? So be sure to check them out, Good Luck Cool Hands Cafe hope you roast the competition and are here to stay!

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