A Cut Above the Rest


Queen City Knives from Clarksville Tn, has recently had their project successfully funded on Kickstarter.com. Established in 2013 this unique business is run by a small town couple, who have been working from a small workshop building to get their idea off the ground. They use repurposed steel to create amazing knives for chef’s and avid huntsmen. They got the Kickstarter up and running to help them expand and be able to provide more business such as online orders. While they are not able to process any orders at this time ( due to handing out some great backer rewards on Kickstarter); they do have a website to browse and ways to contact them for future orders. They are definitely a company to watch and I look forward to them growing larger. Check them out and send them some supportive feedback! : http://queencityknives.bigcartel.com/ . or to take a look at their Kickstarter project click the link below.






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