Light Show

Electricity is amazing, nobody knows that better than kids. Children of all ages love seeing lights, especially bright colorful ones! So why not create a wonderland of lights in your own front yard? Don’t just go for the tradition Christmas lights, you can by a ton of different color s these days, and don’t limit yourself to light strands either; use candles, paper lanterns or my all time favorite- glowstix! Decorate the bushes and trees in your yard, light up your walkway, just plain splash the lights everywhere. It’s guaranteed that your little one will be wowed and the photos will be unforgettable.



Our cookbook is coming along well, thanks to all the moms so far sending in their recipes! We need more ladies, so leave a comment and let us know your favorite snacks, they might make it into the book! Thanks to all out backers so far who are helping to fund this cookbook, it means a lot to have people believe in something you’re doing. To find out more about the cookbook visit and search “munchies for mom” and be sure to send in more recipes either as a comment or to our e-mail Thanks everyone!

Joy to the World!

We have finally launched our Happiness Revolution Kickstarter project. Please take a look, leave comments, and share for us! The funding will go toward media and events that will promote happiness all over the world!

If this link doesn’t happen to work click below. Thanks again!