Laugh a little

Comedians do amazing work for work for people’s hearts, they help to heal them with laughter. So I wanted to compile a list of comedians that make me fall off of my chair, every time. Now I know Robin Williams is obviously number one….but its too soon people. So here is a list of comedians that WILL make you laugh your ass off.


Anjelah Johnson, the best I have seen of her is “that’s how we do it” and it is very much worth watching, she is adorable and hilarious. Love!


Katt Williams, who has just made comedy better by leaps and bounds, not for children, but so funny for adults!


Bo Burnham, he is a little blasphemous, but a lot hilarious. You will laugh until you cry.


Doug Benson, Stoner comedy at its finest I assure you.


Tina Fey- So friggin’ funny it hurts.

There are so many more, Christopher Titus, Jim Gaffigan, and all the late greats that are missed sorely. Please listen to these amazing comedians and laugh out loud!


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