Party Everywhere!

People can be random, sometimes it’s hilarious, and sometimes it’s just scary. Joy however has proven itself to be contagious and humor is a faithful sidekick. With the technology available today there should never be a sad face in the crowd. So we as a company are now advocating Party Everywhere-ness, where no matter where you are its a party! So get out your phones and turn up the more crowd pleasing and less annoying tunes. Whether standing in line at a Walmart, or waiting for your food in the drive thru, there is no better time like the present to start a party and spread some happiness. I’m sure the comic relief will be appreciated by the tired Wal-mart clerk. Obviously there are rules so we aren’t saying to go throw a party in say, a bank, but most people will be grateful for the laugh. Now get creative out there, don’t just turn the music up, buy some glow stick and glow your way down the street with your friends, get together and perform an organized dance routine to throw your boss off. ( you usually won’t get fired, may get called a dork). There are a on of cool things you can do to Party Everywhere so don’t hold back and spread the party fever!



Winter weather is coming and often we just stay inside, gain weight, and complain of boredom. So here is a list of fun things to do in the cold!

1. Tye dye the snow. Mix food coloring to create colors, use paint, or koolaid powder to makes amazing snow art.

2. Silly string fight. No matter what the weather is like this is lays a blast!

3.Fill balloons with colored water-freeze- remove colored ice ball, and have obstacle courses set up to race and see which color wins. You can do this on with or without snow.

4. Snow fort. Nuff said

5. Freeze tag- get a bucket of snowballs and some friends and head outside to team up in the ultimate game of freeze tag. One person on each team tries to freeze the other team by pelting them with snowballs until they are unfrozen by their teams bucket holder(who also throws snowballs to unfreeze them) last person standing wins it for their team.

6. Bonfire party, a great way to stay warm and get your nightlife on in the winter.

7. Make beautiful designs in the snow using colored marbles, bottle caps, and generally pretty items. You will be surprised at the beauty.

These are just a few fun things to get you out of the house this winter, enjoy doing them and please post suggestions for more winter activities!