Fun Fall Activites

Fall is here and kids always love the usual fall activities like jumping through freshly raked leaves; But we want you guys to be creative! So here are some fun things to do during the leaf changing.

1. Use a bubble machine and let your bubble fly with the leaves. ( makes great photos).

2. Buy pumpkins to give as gifts to friends, carve a message or silly face into your pumpkin and inside insert an unlit candle. Good to go!

3. Fall is the perfect time for last bbq’s – so go all out, invited the whole neighborhood to a block party to celebrateĀ  the turning of the seasons.

4. Paint Frisbees with glow in the dark paint and fly disks in the dark, you can do this with way more than Frisbees.

5. Flashlight tag is always a great activity and to add to the fun you can make it more difficult with laser pointers!

6. Build two forts on either side of your home and within sight of each other. Then break out the paintball guns, water balloons, and anything else Nerf made for throwing….The game is on!

7. Press beautiful leaves between heavy books until they are flat and then make collages for a scrapbook.

8. Decorate a tree in your yard with pin cones rolled in peanut butter and birdseed, then watch as hundreds of beauties fly around you.

There are a ton more and I’m sure we will have more soon, let us know what you like to do in Fall.


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