Sometimes it amazingly hard to put a smile on your face, how can you smile when everything is falling apart? Believe it or not thinking about something absurd or out of the normal cana help trigger a smile. Imagine one of your friends getting pelted with something insane like dog food, painted snowballs, or balloons filled with orange juice. The random images your mind produces often tickle your smile reflexes and help brighten your mood. Watching ten to fifteen minute clips on YouTube is a favorite pastime of mine. Some of the pranks people pull on complete strangers are not only random and hilarious; but they also show that humor is universal. Smiling is one of the easiest things to do when you remember that after all the tough stuff we’re all human.

Another great way to smile when you’re feeling blue is to pull some pranks yourself, catch someone off guard with a creative prank, its sure to make you smile just thinking about the look on their face. Don’t forget to make a video!


Happy How-to’s

The following is a list of  EXACTLY how to be happy, take it to heart an run with it….Go you!

1. Quit your day job
If you hate what you’re doing, change it, don’t stay at that dead end job. I know its hard to find work and when you have a family it makes it hard to walk away from money that you need ;but staying where you’re not happy only causes strain on your family life, depression, and fear of the unknown. Being without a job temporarily is never theme of the world!

2. Take a stand
Believe in some thing good, stand for that cause, and never stop fighting for it.

3. Love as much as you can
Forget the people that don’t love you they don’t care and hey cause problems with people that do.

4. Write down your ideas…always
Any idea could be the next big thing!

5. Pass it on!!
Happiness is spreadable, spread that stuff everywhere because EVERYONE needs it.



Denver Botanic Gardens’ Outdoor Chihuly Exhibit | Denver, Colorado

Plan a trip trip to Denver to relax and view amazing botanical gardens.

Tim Dreese's Travel Log & Design Journal

I am fortunate to live within a short walk across the park from one of the city’s greatest attractions, the Denver Botanic Gardens. Located on the east side of Cheesman Park and started in 1958, this inner city 24-acre oasis is now part of one of the country’s largest and finest botanic gardens.

Denver Botanic Gardens “maintains distinctive gardens that define and celebrate our Western identity and a unique high altitude climate and geography. Many of its innovative gardens are models of drought-tolerance and showcase native and adapted plants that thrive in Western gardens. It also presents a wide range of gardens and collections that illustrate an ever-widening diversity of plants from all corners of the world, from authentic Japanese Gardens to plants native to South Africa.” For more information about the Denver Botanic Gardens, check out: Denver Botanic Gardens.


Within this setting, the Denver Botanic Gardens is presenting the Rocky Mountain Region’s first major outdoor…

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